Jul 27, 2022
Vancouver Basketball Pro-Am

Vancouver, British Columbia - The energy is building! Teams continue to bring it every night for the 4th Annual Vancouver Basketball Pro-Am™. Check out the Round 03 Recaps below and head to our Facebook Page to view the full Photo Gallery!

Top Shottaz 90 vs Waves 92 (Men’s Division)

This was a close, hard-fought game with both teams only having 6 players each. The Waves used their strength and size inside to get a majority of their points while the Top Shottaz were hitting threes from all around the arc. The second half was still anyone's game with both teams playing hard team defense. The game came to an end when the Waves #10, Parm scored the game-winning three with seconds left on the clock.

Waves - #10 Parm; 36 points and 4 rebounds

Waves - #3 Mark; 14 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists

Top Shottaz - #7 JJ; 39 points and 3 steals

Top Shottaz - #15 Jordan; 15 points and 8 assists

Royals 82 vs. Streetball Beef 101 (Men’s Division)

This game started off strong and intense for Royals with a 13-0 run in the first 4 minutes but with streetball beef’s ball movement and intense defense they came back and took the lead. With each team trading 3’s and tough takes Streetball Beef pulled the win with their speed, strength, and resilience.

Streetball Beef - #15 Dom; 12 points, 7 assists and 3 steals

Streetball Beef - #1; 18 points and 5 rebounds

Royals - #5 Gerard; 22 points and 2 rebounds 

Royals -  #1; 20 points

West Coast 75  vs Falcons 61 (Men’s Division)

Both teams kicked this game off with great energy and carried that through the first half. Some tough finishes and great dishes from both sides meant the score was about tied going into the half but coming out of the break, West Coast’s #11 Clay was able to find scoring opportunities and create a lead for the team. For the Falcons, some long 3s from #10 kept them afloat but West Coast’s intensity led them to the win.

West Coast: #11 Clay with 19 points; #34 Malik with 20 points 

Falcons: #11 with 16 points; #10 with 12 points (all on 3 pointers!) and 2 steals

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