Jul 19, 2022
Vancouver Basketball Pro-Am

UBC 77 vs Falcons 26 (Women’s Division)

The game started off back and forth keeping everyone on their toes. After many turnovers from both teams, UBC's offensive rebounds ultimately gave them the early lead. The Falcons kept their composure and fought hard through to the end of the game not giving up any easy looks, but UBC's quick ball movement and a well-executed press were the keys to their success.

UBC - #21 Mona Berlitz; 16 points and 5 rebounds

UBC - #23 Ket Balabyekkubo; 11 points and 5 steals

Falcons - #3 Liz; 8 points and 2 rebounds

Falcons - #15 Nadia; 4 points and 3 rebounds

Strathcona 47 vs Victory 53 (Women’s Division)

Both teams started the game off with high energy. Victory’s #11 Laura had a lot of second chance baskets under the hoop while #2 Shemiah had great drives to the basket. Strathcona’s #5 Kat had a few good buckets as well. The game stayed intense into the second half where team Victory came away with the win.

Strath: #5 Kat with 15 points and 2 assists. #24 Katie with 9 points and 5 rebounds

Victory: #2 Shem with 16 points and 2 steals. #11 Monty with 13 points and 10 rebounds.

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